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NFT File Copy Hangs?

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The Question is:

We are using Pathworks on a Windows 95 PC to transfer files to and from a
 MicroVax 3900 running 7.1 of OpenVMS.  Since the user doing the transfers is a
 non-technical person, I have set up icons on the desktop which run batch files
 which utilize NFT for D
OS (NFT <cdinv.nft) using input redirection for the commands.  The NFTW32
 (Network File Transfer for Windows) utility works correctly in both
 directions, but does not accept input redirection nor support any kind of
 scripting, and it is too complicated fo
r this user (she hardly speaks English).  The NFT batch commands (for example:
 'copy/ascii vax1"account password"::dkb300:[directory]dbaso.out
 c:\candoedi\transfer\dbaso.out') worked fine in both directions in testing.
 The copy from the PC to the VAX is
still functioning correctly.  However, the copy from the VAX to the PC hangs.
 The FAL process is correctly created on the VAX as a Network process and uses
 about 1.3 CPU seconds before it just sits there in LEF state (Local Event Flag
 wait) with no CPU t
ime being used and no I/O going on.  The PC process hangs on the copy command.
 It creates the destination file with 0 bytes and it is in an open state.  The
 MS-DOS window originally would display the message "Copying VAX1"adedev
 password"::..." before it
 hung, but now it doesn't even do that.  The account on the VAX is privileged
 (SETPRV and everything else) so it is not a file protection issue.  The file
 is only 6 blocks in this test case.  If the file doesn't exist on the VAX, the
 copy command correctl
y displays a message to that effect and doesn't hang.  This is a problem at my
 client (Accent Lamp & Shade, formerly of Newton, MA and now of Woburn, MA).
 Please get back to me soon.  Thank You!

The Answer is :

    Since you specifically mention NFTW32, this indicates that you
    are using PATHWORKS 32 V7.1a or V7.2.  NFTW32 is the supported
    DECnet file transfer program.  As you are aware, NFTW32 provides
    a Windows GUI.
    NFT.EXE, the DOS command line (console) DECnet file transfer
    utility, is included in the PATHWORKS 32 kit in the \NOSUPPRT
    directory.  As noted in the file USREADME.TXT, all items in
    the \NOSUPPRT directory are provided as-is, butr are not an
    official part of the product and terefore are not supported.
    Since you are running into errors when file transfer activities
    are initiated on the PC, you may want to consider initiating
    the file transfers from the VMS system using a command file.
    On the PC side, you would need to run either the Spawer program
    (which would spawn the FAL (File Access Listener) program), or
    you could run FAL directly.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-OCT-2001 )

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