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Sizing Virtual Address Space? (P0, P1, P2)

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The Question is:

How can I see the available amount of P0 in my system? Do you have any
 documents which describe how do I size it ?

The Answer is :

  On OpenVMS Alpha V7 and later and with the default setting of the
  system VIRTUALPAGECNT parameter, the maximim P0 address space is one
  terabyte in size, with the aggregate P0 and P1 space -- P1 space
  provides an additional one terabyte -- available for each specific
  process limited by its specific pagefile quota setting.
  The maximum P2 space is rather larger than one terabyte in size.
  For details on OpenVMS Alpha memory management, please see the OpenVMS
  Programming Concepts Manual, and specifically please see the section
  on Addressing and Memory Management, and its chapters that provide an
  Overview of Virtual Address Space, details on Support for 64-Bit
  Addressing, and information on Memory Management with VLM Features.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-OCT-2001 )

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