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OpenVMS on Personal Workstation -a? USB?

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The Question is:

On my Alpha 600A workstation there are two
USB connectors. Is there any use for them
when running OpenVMS on this box, in other
words are USB devices supported under OpenVMS, and if so, which type of devices
 are and which are not?

The Answer is :

  The Personal Workstation -a series is not supported by OpenVMS.
  This (lack of) support status for all members of the Personal
  Workstation -a series -- these platforms specifically targeted
  use with Microsoft Windows NT only -- has been mentioned before
  here in Ask The Wizard, and is also mentioned in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  Specifically, please see the OpenVMS FAQ section entitled "OpenVMS
  on the Personal Workstation -a and -au series?"
  Prototype USB support was available for certain configurations
  of the AlphaStation and AlphaServer series via ECO, but there
  are presently no supported USB connections available -- while there
  do exist USB connectors on various platforms including the AlphaStation
  DS10, AlphaServer DS10, AlphaStation XP900, and AlphaServer ES40, the
  USB port is not functional.
  Official USB support is planned for inclusion into OpenVMS in
  support of future hardware platforms; platforms which will
  include supported USB connections.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-OCT-2001 )

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