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Printing via Parallel Port?

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The Question is:

 I'm trying to print to a Lexmark laserprinter 4029-10L. I'm printing from the
 PCI parallel port on the Alpha. I'm using postscript format and I'm emulating
 the same on the printer. When I try to print the file, the printer 'flushes'
 the data from its buf
fer and won't print the documant. What am I doing wrong?
Below is the printer/print queue setup:
set printer lra0:/tab/passall/lower/printall/nocr/trunc/width=132
define /system $printer lra0:
set device /spooled=(sys$print,sys$sysdevice:) $printer
initialize /queue /start sys$print /on=printer /sep=(noflag,notrailer) -
set queue sys$print /form=postscript /default=(form=postscript,nofeed)
set protectio=(s:rwlp,o,g,w:rwlp) /device $printer

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard would strongly encourage the use of a printer NIC
  and IP-based printing.
  Parallel printing is an unfortunately inviting approach, but often
  problematic to configure and debug.  If you do wish to continue this
  current approach, you will want to acquire the ECO kit for the LR
  driver for your OpenVMS release, and you will want to determine if it
  is possible to configure the printer to automatically detect and
  switch between print file formats.  You will also want to determine
  if SET PRINTER/POLLED will assist in communications here.
  The DCPS package is the usual approach for printing to a Postscript
  printer, and there are presently no plans to add support for parallel
  port printing within the DCPS package.  DCPS supports printing to a
  wide variety of printers (please see the SPD for the current list)
  using both serial communications and network-based printers (NICs).
  If you wish to use this printer and it does not have support for an
  integrated NIC, various NICs are available that permit the printer
  to be connected to the network via its parallel port.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-OCT-2001 )

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