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BACKUP Dates? Remote File Archiving Options?

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The Question is:

I need to know if I can set a files BACKUP date from a DCL command procedure.
My intention is to write a script that "backs up files" by FTP'ing them to
 another server on the network.  I'd like to select files based on their BACKUP
 date, but do not know how to set the BACKUP date once I've verified the file
If there is an alternative that is better for selecting the files (such as the
 SHELVABLE attribute) let me know.
I can handle the rest of the DCL scripting involved.
Thanks in advance.

The Answer is :

  You could create the BACKUP saveset on the local node, then transfer
  it to the remote host:
      $ BACKUP/IMAGE/RECORD ddcu: ddcu:[dir2]saveset.bck/SAVE
      $ COPY/FTP ddcu:[dir2]saveset.bck/SAVE ip.host"user pass"::
  In addition to COPY/FTP or direct use of the FTP utility, the Compaq
  FTSO package is another option here as it can recover from a partial
  (and failed) FTP file transfer.
  You could configure DECnet-Plus and the IP transport, and you could
  then create the saveset file on the remote OpenVMS server using BACKUP.
  Or you could create it locally and use DECnet COPY.
  You can use both BACKUP (either as part of the BACKUP itself, or as
  part of a second BACKUP to the NLA0: device) and the Freeware DFU package
  reset the file BACKUP date.
  Other date-related discussions include (7077), (3223), (5313), (5342),
  Various storage archiving packages are available for OpenVMS, in addition
  to the integrated BACKUP tool.
  You have indicated OpenVMS Alpha 5.5-2, and there is no such release.
  The oldest OpenVMS Alpha release with Prior Version Support available is
  presently V6.2.  COPY/FTP is available on V6.2 and later, assuming that
  a compatible TCP/IP package is installed.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-OCT-2001 )

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