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TCP/IP and asynchronous $qio?

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The Question is:

TCP/IP Sockets with OpenVMS
I created a socket using VMS QIO services and have two problems that I can't
1) My process seems to block on an asynchronous QIO write call after sending
 few messages to client.
2) After receiving the first client data message and issueing the next
 asynchronous QIO read, the AST routines gets the $SS_SUSPEND condition and
 sets the Event Flag. From that point on, the process gets stuck in a loop
 where it issues a read that seems t
o immediately set the Event flag without the AST firing, forcing another read
 until valid data is received.
I'd appreciated if you'd give me some tips on      how to fix.

The Answer is :

  You will want to contact the Compaq customer support center directly,
  as details of the application source code will be required, as will
  some information on the TCP/IP Services version and ECO level
  installed on this OpenVMS Alpha V7.3 system.
  It is quite possible to block on an asynchronous $qio send, should
  the process run out of an applicable process quota -- most commonly,
  out of BYTLM or out of the (buffered, in this case) I/O count limit.
  Various example programs are provided in the TCPIP$EXAMPLES: directory,
  and in the UCX$EXAMPLES: directory on TCP/IP releases prior to V5.0.
  For general programming tips, please see topic (1661).

answer written or last revised on ( 18-OCT-2001 )

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