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DEC 4000 SCSI CD-ROM Configuration?

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The Question is:

I have a two node Alpha cluster running VMS 7.2.
The systems are a DEC4000 model 720(future-bus) and a Alpha server 2000.
My problem is the DEC4000's CD drive a RRD42 device DKA0. conficts with the
 Alpha server 2000 RZ29B DKA0 that I wish to make the system disk.
I have no documentation for the old DEC4000.
Is the DEC4000 CD on a Embedded DSSI bus as I asume it is ?
What is the proper syntax for the "SET HOST DUP" to change the ID of that
 device to say DKA7... I have a Plug set 1-7.
You nailed the last DSSI question I asked, and that cluster's tape is online
 and available... thanks again.

The Answer is :

  The DK prefix indicates a SCSI disk, and not a DI-class DSSI disk.
  The DEC 4000 series could be configured with DSSI and with SCSI storage.
  The storage shelves present in the system are usually individually labeled
  as DSSI or SCSI shelves.  Sometimes there are disks configured in the
  shelf, and sometimes just an external expansion connector is provided.
  Most mass storage devices found on the DEC 4000 series receive their
  default configuration setting using a unit-number plug, whether SCSI or
  DSSI.  The specifics depend on the storage configuration and the drive.
  (The settings of most DSSI devices can be overridden using the PARAMS
  utility and the DUP operations as described in the OpenVMS FAQ.  SCSI
  So long as the OpenVMS hosts are not in the same non-zero disk allocation
  class, the disk unit numbers can be duplicated.
  The SCSI device at unit 7 on the first controller is generally configured
  and named as device DKA700:.  Unit 0 would be DKA0:.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-OCT-2001 )

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