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PATHWORKS COMERR domain name resolution?

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The Question is:

I an Alpha server and I am attempting to join an existing NT Domain.  I have
 all the right permission and everytime I try to join the domain, I receive the
 following error:
PWRK-F-COMERR, Error communicating with the primary domain controller
Error getting domain name

The Answer is :

  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center, as details of the
  PATHWORKS configuration and version will be required, as well as
  details of the host configuration, and contents of the associated
  log files.  (Typically PWRK$LOGS:PWRK$*.LOG)  Additionally, details
  of the IP configuration will be required.
  You can check the NetBIOS name resolution with the command:
    $ NBSHOW KNBSTATUS <remote-pwserver-name>
  If this command fails, you would appear to have a NetBIOS problem,
  and this could be a result of PWRK$KNBDAEMON binding to the wrong
  NIC or potentially because the system addresses are in differing
  IP subnets.  (In the latter case, LMHOSTS or WINS would be required
  to resolve the name.)
  If you have multiple NICs available, you will want to use the
  logical name:
  If DNS is not operational, you may have success entering the IP host
  name and address of the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) into the TCP/IP
  Services host database.
  Depending on the configuration, you can also use the OpenVMS host or
  an OpenVMS Cluster as the PDC.
  If you are not using the current Advanced Server version, you will
  want to consider an upgrade.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-OCT-2001 )

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