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Different DECnet and IP Host names?

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The Question is:

The VMS platform has a DECnet nodename of ERNIE.
TCPIP has been set to have a domanin of ACOMPANY.AU.AFIRM.COM
This means that the tcpip hostname for the VMS platform is:
How can I retain the VMS nodename of ERNIE, but change the TCPIP hostname to
 something else like:  auelzsasys123.ACOMPANY.AU.AFIRM.COM
Multinet can do this, but is this possible in Compaq TCP/IP, or do I have to
 change the VMS nodename to enable the tcpip hostname to be changed?

The Answer is :

  The DECnet node name and the TCP/IP Services host name need not match.
  You can also potentially have two DECnet node names and more than one
  IP host name on a host, see the associated product documentation for
  details on the respective cluster alias mechanisms within the products.
  For details on the node name and associated considerations, please see
  the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-OCT-2001 )

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