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File Serialization Lock? (F11B$s)

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The Question is:

  Several times,I had a lock hung on already the same disk (RZ40).
  We can't access the only disk because we have a lot waiting lock in mode PW
  on the resourece F11B$s. I can't understand why the owner process of this
  lock keep it for a long time (several hours).
  I think that is a XQP problem because there is an application to work in
  mode QIO and it's never blocked.
  We have applied the eco VAXF11X06 in Nov, 2000.
  Which component system use the resource F11B$s ?
  And Can you help me to solve this problem ?

The Answer is :

  The lock specified is that of a file system (XQP) serialization lock,
  please see the Internals and Data Structures manual for details on the
  format of this and other OpenVMS locks.  The serialization lock is used
  to coordinate the caching of the file header information for a specific
  file.  Also please see the VMS File System Internals manual for details.
  Specifically with locks using the prefix "F11B$s", the remainder of the
  lock resource name is derived from the file identification (FID) value.
  The AMDS and Availability Manager packages are licensed with OpenVMS,
  and can be installed and (easily) used to track locks and lock holders.
  Some applications and some monitoring tools that use undocumented and
  unsupported interfaces to track file or directory modifications have
  been known to tie into and to hold -- usually with a blocking AST
  specified -- the file serialization lock or potentially to the XQP file
  access lock (F11B$a) associated with the target file or directory.
  Applications that attempt to modify the file or directory file header
  (assuming F11B$s) or that attempt to open the file (F11B$a) will acquire
  the associated lock, and trigger the blocking AST.
  A fully supported alternative to the use of the file serialization lock
  could utilize the OpenVMS security alarm mechanisms.  Alternatively --
  for applications such as disk defragmentation tools -- the OpenVMS
  MOVEFILE primitive serializes access to the file headers using the
  XQP serialization lock.
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center, as details of the
  configuration, ECOs that have been applied (in addition to VAXF11X06),
  and of the current system and application activities will be required.
  You may be asked to force a crash when this hang occurs.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-OCT-2001 )

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