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MicroVAX Console network boot: ?54 Retry?

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The Question is:

What does error message mean....?
Manual says contact DEC Service.

The Answer is :

  The console RETRY message indicates that the system is unable to access
  and complete the network bootstrap, and is retrying the bootstrap.
  In this case, the ESA0 indicates that this MicroVAX system is configured
  to attempt a network bootstrap via a LANCE-based Ethernet NIC, and that
  the download is not being completed.  This message also implies that
  this system is configured as a cluster satellite, or that this system is
  intended to download and use an operating system other than OpenVMS
  (eg: VAXeln).
  Check the configuration of the boot server host(s) that are intended to
  service MOP boot requests from this system, and check the network between
  the boot server and this system (including the NICs, all network segments,
  cables, routers, switches, and other devices involved), and also ensure
  that you have functioning hardware, a functioning NIC, and a functioning
  network transceiver associated with the MicroVAX 3100 series.
  Pointers to various hardware-related websites are included in the OpenVMS
  FAQ, as well as pointers to the Compaq Assisted Services program.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-OCT-2001 )

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