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RUN/DETACH, RTB Error, DCL Syntax?

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The Question is:

How do you get the output of an executable, run as a detached process, to be
 written to an output file? I have tried it using loginout.exe, and as a direct
 call to the executable (without loginout.exe). Either way I get the RTB error
 message and no output

The Answer is :

  The RTB error indicates you need to shorten the RUN command, and you
  could create a system-wide logical name for the eng_disk:[radmin.monitor]
  that permits a shorter command.  That said, this RTB error might also be
  spurious, as you do not likely intend to specify the input, output, and
  error specifications as symbols, which is what the DCL syntax shown
  indicates.  (Though it is also possible that the srv_alert symbol is
  overly long, as well.)
  You will likely want to specify a complete list of process quotas when
  you create the process, please see topic (1661) for discussions related
  to the (lack of) explicit quota specifications.
  Here is an example -- without the prefered specification of the process
  quotas -- of a simple RUN/DETACH command:
    $ run/detach/process="ServerName" -
       /input=sys$sysdevice:[foo]commands.com -
       /output=sys$sysdevice:[foo]commands.log -

answer written or last revised on ( 30-OCT-2001 )

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