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Disk Write Check Error? (DATACHECK)

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The Question is:

I'm wanting to move disks that were used under NT Alpha with the formatt of
 NTFS to OPENVMS System running V7.2-1h1 (Alpha).
The problem that I'm having is using the DCL command INITILIZE and MOUNT:,
 please see the text below. I remember reading some time ago about additional
 steps that were required to initilize a disk that was formatted under ALPHA
 NT. What am I missing????
Thanks for the HELP!
-bill hittenmiller

The Answer is :

  To reuse a SCSI disk with OpenVMS, there are typically no steps expected
  nor required -- beyond the usual disk INITIALIZE operation, that is.
  Determine if the particular (unspecified) SCSI disk storage device is
  at its current revision; update the storage device microcode and/or
  firmware as necessary.
  You can attempt the INITIALIZE/ERASE mechanism to clear the entire
  contents of the target disk, but this initially appears to be specific
  to the device -- the DATACHECK error indicates that the file structure
  metadata was not as expected, which would imply either a problem with
  OpenVMS or (arguably more likely) a problem with the specific disk
  storage device or storage controller involved here.
  Use of OpenVMS Alpha V7.2-2 or V7.3 (or later, as available) would be

answer written or last revised on ( 5-NOV-2001 )

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