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DECwindows fslib (font server)?

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The Question is:

One of our tools (currently running on HP-UX)
uses the FS library to extract information
about X fonts so we can create our own format.
We would like to port this tool to OpenVMS however we can't seem to find the FS
for OpenVMS.
Could you please tell us if:
a) The FS library is availbe for OpenVMS
b) Any other methode that would do the same.
   (I know that COMPAQ has conversion tools
    for fonts, so these calls should exist)
Kind Regards
Otto Meijer

The Answer is :

  The fs application found on many UNIX systems is the X11 Font Server.
  OpenVMS with DECwindows provides a font daemon.
  The fsinfo and fslsfonts tools are present in SYS$SYSTEM:, the fslib
  would have to be ported from the X11 distribution.
  You will want to acquire and read the DECwindowd documentation, as
  the X Windows library organization is quite different than on UNIX.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-NOV-2001 )

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