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DECss7 channel tracing?

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The Question is:

I cannot take a full trace of an SS7 channel from either a DNBC4 or a DNBE1
 card. If I use the ss7$dnbmonitor utility I only get a piece of information
 (16 bytes if DNBE1, 32 bytes if DNBC4).
Is there any way to get a full trace of the port?

The Answer is :

  The DNBMONITOR tracing tool provides 16 or 32 bytes of data from
  the frame.  This tool is intended to monitor the protocol between
  the controller and the host, and the SS7 layer 2 protocol between
  the local and remote nodes on a specified 64 Kbs (Kilobits per
  second) channel.  This tool is not intended as a generic SS7 tracing
  or debugging tool -- you will want to use a protocol analyzer for
  The amount of tracing data dumped is based on the controller and on
  the size of the packet.  Tracing involving the DNBC4 controller will
  dump up to a maximum of 32 bytes of data, while the DNBE1 will dump
  up to a maximum of 16 bytes of data -- only the available data can be
  dumped for any packets that are smaller than the specified maximum
  tracing size.
  You will want to contact the Customer Support Center directly, as
  details of the configuration -- and probably a full packet tracing
  -- will be required.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-NOV-2001 )

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