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Reset and Configure DECserver terminal server?

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The Question is:

How to interface existing PC LAN to DECServer 90M so that telnet can be used
 for remote access of the DEC Alpha System connected through the DECServer 90M.
Thanks in advance
-- Raman

The Answer is :

  Connect the DECserver box into the network, and power it up.
  Connect a serial terminal or terminal emulator to the console
  port on the DECserver -- usually the first port -- and log in.
  Set the ports and the addresses appropriately for your network.
  If you do not have the privileged password and/or the necessary
  configuration sequence for the terminal server, you will want to
  obtain the associated documentation.
  In the specific case of the DECserver series, you can reset the
  device to factory defaults.  To reset the DECserver 90m to factory
  defaults, power down, press and hold the reset switch -- insert and
  hold a pen or other similar object into the hole to the right of the
  port eight LED -- and power up the DECserver.  When both the self-test
  and network LEDs flash, you can release the pen (and the reset switch).
  The DECserver 90m is now reset to factory defaults.  Other DECserver
  devices will often have a reset button -- the basic reset sequence for
  DECserver deviices is usually a similar sequence: power down, push and
  hold the reset switch/button, and then power up.
  The default privileged password is "SYSTEM" on most DECserver devices
  -- once you have reset the DECserver device to factory defaults, you
  will want to immediately reset the privileged password to a new value.
  You will also need to reset all ports and server settings, as these
  have also been cleared.
  If you require documentation for a particular (newer) DECserver device
  from the device vendor, please check with the folks at DNPG.  Visit:

answer written or last revised on ( 7-NOV-2001 )

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