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Seeking TDMS Upgrade Path?

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The Question is:

We are going to upgrade from VAX7830 clustered systems to a new Aplha cluster.
 TDMS is being used on the existing cluster. Is there any softeware that will
 allow us to convert out TDMS to something like DECForms which is supported on

The Answer is :

  The TDMS package moved into the mature product support status
  some time ago.  (Circa 1992.)
  DECforms is an available (and obvious) migration path.
  You will want to contact your HP reseller or HP -- TDMS is
  not available as a standard product for OpenVMS Alpha, nor is
  the OpenVMS Wizard familiar with any converter or emulator
  tools that a third party (such as Praxa) might still offer.
  HP Services Public Sector currently offers a ported version
  of the TDMS software for use on OpenVMS Alpha.  "Alpha TDMS"
  is packaged as fixed-price licensing and support services.
  These services are particularly useful in ACMS environments,
  for expediting VAX to Alpha migration, and wherever other
  options are either deemed impractical or must be deferred.
  Related topics include (2230) and (5304).
  Also please see the TDMS information at:

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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