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System and Performance Management Tools?

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The Question is:

What performance monitoring tools analogous to Xload or perfmeter exist for
 VMS?  We would like to include basic performance data for VMS systems on our
 monitoring consoles in a concise format.
Xload and perfmeter are valuable in the amount of data and trend information
 displayed in a small space.
We have evaluated Unicenter (overkill) and Monitor (text based).

The Answer is :

  The MONITOR recording file mechanism is directly available with
  AMDS and Availability Manager provide display capabilities, and
  can monitor the performance of systems over a network.  Also
  available is the OpenVMS Management Station (OMS).  These tools
  are separately installed, and licensed with OpenVMS.
  Ports of xload certainly appear to be available for OpenVMS.
  For various OpenVMS system management tools, please visit:

answer written or last revised on ( 8-NOV-2001 )

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