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LPD and (LPD_UNPRTR) unknown printer?

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The Question is:

Trying to configure lpd client for VMS, here is my config:
REVOPS_MINOLTA|revops_minolta|Billing Printer:\
I then define sys$print TCPIP$LPD_QUEUE and attempt to print, it errors like
Server queue TCPIP$LPD_QUEUE, idle, on SCORPI::, mounted form DEFAULT
  Entry  Jobname         Username     Blocks  Status
  -----  -------         --------     ------  ------
    792  LS_PRODUCT      GPAYNE            8  Retained on error
       %NONAME-F-NOMSG, Message number 0764A07C
         Submitted  8-NOV-2001 13:53:05.69 /FORM=DEFAULT /PRIORITY=100
         Completed  8-NOV-2001 13:53:05.76 on queue TCPIP$LPD_QUEUE.
The lpd service is running.
Any ideas, I'm completely out of patience with this thing. The printer is a
 Fiery Print Server with a Minolta i520 printer/copier.

The Answer is :

  The AlphaPC 164LX series platform is not supported by OpenVMS Alpha,
  and the "Fiery Print Server with a Minolta i520 printer/copier" is
  not supported by the TCP/IP Services product.  But the OpenVMS Wizard
  assumes you probably already knew about that.
  Is there anything interesting and relevent included in the specified
  printer log file? (REVOPS_MINOLTA.LOG)
  As for the error reported:
    $ set message sys$message:tcpip$msg.exe
    $ exit %x0764A07C
    %TCPIP-F-LPD_UNPRTR, unknown printer !AS
  Try ping and other diagnostic tools, and check that the printer (or
  printer server) is known and accessable.  Also consider enabling and
  using the LPD diagnostic logical names TCPIP$LPD_RCV and TCPIP$LPD_DEBUG.
    $ define/system/executive TCPIP$LPD_RCV   15
    $ define/system/executive TCPIP$LPD_DEBUG 15
  Setting these two logical names as shown causes diagnostics to be logged
  into the file TCPIP$LPD_RCV_STARTUP.LOG.
  Check that the printer (or printer server) is configured to allow
  this host to print to it.
  Since you are attempting to serve the queue via LPD, you will also want
  to determine what the application proxy setting should be for the LPD
  service.  To disable use of the application proxy database, use the
  following sequence:
  Potentially related topics include (1020) and (1143), and (2756).

answer written or last revised on ( 26-NOV-2001 )

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