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Compiling and Linking C++ Programs?

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The Question is:

Linking poxix threaded apps with linkxx
I am trying to link (using $linkxx ThreadTest.obj) using linkxx using the above
 platform and compiler/linker. The ThreadTest.cpp
uses Posix threads and the linker does not link
throwing undefined symbol when i link. It compiles ok.
When i use the C compiler (i.e cc ThreadTest.c)
and link using (link ThreadTest.obj), i don't encounter any problems at all.
Can you please help me here as to what's the problem. am i supposed to tell the
 linkxx utility to search certain libraries or something else?

The Answer is :

  Use cxxlink.  Details on creating programs using C++ are included in
  the C++ programming documentation -- this documentation is available
  at the commercial languages and tools portion of the Compaq OpenVMS
  website, see the FAQ section "Where can I find online copies of OpenVMS
  manuals?" for pointers.
  Please upgrade from V7.1-1H1 to V7.1-2, V7.2-2, or later; the V7.1-1H1
  release is no longer supported.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-NOV-2001 )

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