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Problems with FTP and Privileges?

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The Question is:

I have three similar Alpha systems on a network and only two of them will
 accept FTP requests.  I have not been able to identify a significant
 difference on the system that refuses a connection.  This system accepts
 telnet connections and is able to act a
s an FTP client to other systems.  The above error messages show on the
 operator's terminal when a user attempts a connection.  UCX$FTPD exits almost
 immediately after starting.  The auxiliary server shows a priviledge error.
 Why would UCX$FTPD exit and
how do I identify the resource that is causing the priviledge error?

The Answer is :

  This configuration of TCP/IP Services on this OpenVMS Alpha version
  is not supported and not recommended, please move to TCP/IP Services
  V5.1 with ECO, and to OpenVMS Alpha V7.1-2, to V7.2-2, or later.
  There have been numerous enhancements and updates made to TCP/IP
  Services (and to OpenVMS) since this configuration was released.
  Certain errors similar to this have been seen when (very old, and quite
  corrupt) ucx$configuration.dat and/or ucx$service.dat files are (re)used
  with TCP/IP Services V4.1.  The typical approach used to recover from
  this is to upgrade to a more current product version, or to delete these
  two files and to re-run UCX$CONFIG (which will then recreate the files).
  Additionally, security settings on various files can trigger privilege
  errors such as shown here -- OpenVMS system security auditing can often
  be used to locate the cause of these file access errors.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-NOV-2001 )

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