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PCI Hardware Support Requirements? (SCSI)

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The Question is:

Is there a maximun number of DIFFERENT (types of) scsi controllers set for the
The rumor is 2 scsi controllers total?
 The system options does specify a maximum of 2 controllers kzpcm or a maximum
 of 2 controllers kzpba, but there is no word, if o total number of 4
 controllers (2*kzpcm, 2*kzpba) are allowed.
There is some need to run old 8 bit scsi devices and some 16 bit devices, so
 more controllers might be a useful thing.
Be advised: The old kzpaa does work together with one kzpcm, even it is not
 specified anywhere. But thats only 2 controllers, shooting for more...

The Answer is :

  The available PCI slots (and particularly available PCI slots with
  interrupts, if required) are the usual limits here.  Not the variety
  of PCI controllers involved.
  For specific system support limits and for specific supported
  controllers, please see the QuickSpecs for the particular system.
  Please contact your hardware services organization for assistance
  with reconfiguring the system hardware.
  Mixing older SCSI and newer SCSI devices on the same SCSI bus requires
  great care, and incorrect configurations can easily lead to subtle
  problems.  Certain mixtures of SCSI devices are simply incompatible,
  even within the same SCSI generation.  It is often simply best to
  replace older SCSI devices with more recent or even current-generation
  SCSI devices.  Older and specialized SCSI devices can sometimes be
  best banished to an older VAX or Alpha system, and clustered or
  otherwise accessed remotely.
  Please realize that SCSI also requires you to occasionally sacrifice
  a rubber chicken or other similar trinket for correct bus operation.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-NOV-2001 )

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