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Client-Server, Sockets, and Clusters?

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The Question is:

How to create a socket connection between a client and a virtual server
 composed of two OpenVMS nodes running in cluster, being the server socket
 application in one of the nodes in a hot-standby status?
Thanks in advance

The Answer is :

  You appear to be applying some familiarity or some assumptions acquired
  from another operating system to the OpenVMS environment, and this
  approach is not always appropriate.
  An OpenVMS Cluster nor OpenVMS itself does not directly provide the
  concept of a hot-standby system or a hot-standby application -- this
  hot-standby configuration would be a subset of the shared-access
  capabilities that are more typically seen.
  In the most common case, a client encountering a failed connection is
  simply coded to perform any needed DNS or other lookup, and then attempt
  to reconnect to the cluster, typically connecting via the cluster alias.
  Applications such as a flock of webservers operating in parallel in a
  cluster provides an example of a more distributed configuration -- it
  doesn't really matter which webserver on which cluster member receives
  and fields the http request, the core data and the webpage files are
  all available to all of the cluster members and all of the webservers.
  Relevent topics can include the distributed lock manager, distributed
  name services, the file system, and communications tools such as RTR
  and any of the various available middleware.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-NOV-2001 )

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