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Translating OpenVMS Condition (Error) Values?

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The Question is:

I am running a C application that uses a shared library created with C++.
From time to time, the following error is logged in the application log file:
 "Internal C++ runtime error, status: 10820".
I would like to know whether the 10820 status code represents OpenVMS error
 code or some C++ internal code.
If it is a C++ code, where can I find more information ?
Is there anyone familar with this error ?

The Answer is :

  Typically, an OpenVMS error message takes on the standard format:
    	%facility-severity-ident, text
  That this message does not follow the standard OpenVMS format for
  condition value text implies that this message text is either
  application-generated, or is generated by a layered product or
  third-party application that is not complying with OpenVMS norms.
  In this case, this message is very likely generated by the Compaq
  C++ run-time library.
  Assuming and processing the specified value as an OpenVMS condition
  value (using the EXIT command or the lexical function F$MESSAGE)
  provides the following translation for the value:
    	$ EXIT 10820
    	%SYSTEM-F-EXENQLM, exceeded enqueue quota
  The lexical function F$MESSAGE can also be used to capture the text:
    	%SYSTEM-F-EXENQLM, exceeded enqueue quota
  This particular error would tend to imply the process ENQLM quota setting
  might need to be increased.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-NOV-2001 )

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