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Media and Documentation CD-ROM kits, parts?

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The Question is:

I am trying to install DCPS v.2.0 and I talked to the vendor and they all agree
 DCPS V.2.0 should come with OpenVMS 7.2-1.  My quesion is where is DCPS locate
 in the CD-ROM, can you give me the CD-ROM id # so I can install into my Alpha

The Answer is :

  The order information for various CD-ROM media is included in the
  OpenVMS Software Product Description (SPD), and the SPD is referenced
  in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  The DCPS license is included with OpenVMS, the DCPS software kit
  is not included on the OpenVMS media kit.
  Two general software distribution media kits exist and are commonly
  discussed for each of the platforms, the OpenVMS media kit and the
  Software Products Library media kit for the particular platform.
  For DCPS and most layered products, you will want the latter of these
  two kits, the Software Products Library kit.
  The current part numbers for the various major distribution kits
  (and for the hardcopy or on-line documentation kits) are included
  in the OpenVMS SPD.
  Also please see:
  On the OpenVMS Alpha Software Products Library Master Index for the
  December 2001 media, the DCPS kit is listed as follows:
        Product Name               Vers  UPI Status CD   Directory
        Compaq DECprint            2.0   09NAB      1    [DCPSAXP020]
        Supervisor (DCPS) for
  This entry indicates the OpenVMS Alpha DCPS V2.0 is located on CD 1 of
  the OpenVMS Alpha Software Products Library media kit.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-NOV-2001 )

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