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Adjusting Printer Page Width?

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The Question is:

We have recently purchased a replacement
printer & are having difficulty adjusting the
carriage return.I have spoken to Tally & they
are confident that the printer is corectly setup
I had to adjust the baud rate from edit systartup_vms.com & can not see any
which would effect this in there, I am guessing
that I need to tell the Vax that the printer has
changed but I do not know how??

The Answer is :

  The printer carriage width can be determined by the printer, by a
  print queue form (see DEFINE/FORM), by the contents of an associated
  device control library, by the SET PRINTER command, by the serial line
  setting (SET TERMINAL),  by the DECserver or terminal server port
  setting.  Probably using a few other mechanisms, as well.
  Postscript printers generally require use of DCPS.
  General printer documentation is included in the OpenVMS System
  Manager's manual and (for IP-based printing) in the TCP/IP Services
  documentation.  The DCPS (DECprint Services) package has product
  documentation available.  Topic (1020) and other topics referenced
  there discuss various common IP-related printing topics.
  You will want to upgrade to a supported OpenVMS VAX version -- given
  you are using OpenVMS VAX V6.0, you can upgrade to V6.2 and then from
  there to a more current OpenVMS VAX release.  (For listings of the
  supported versions, please see the Prior Version Support (PVS) entries
  in the OpenVMS FAQ.)
  Please contact the Customer Support Center for assistance with this
  printing question.  Expect to be asked for specific details of the
  printer and the associated printing configuration -- parallel, serial,
  or network connection, associated attributes, details of the particular
  printer, etc.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-NOV-2001 )

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