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Seeking Roadmap to Future Releases?

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The Question is:

When will VMS 7.3-1H1 be available.  I understand it is required for EV68
 processors.  Also, will it be a full kit or a upgrade from 7.3 ?

The Answer is :

  Please review the OpenVMS roadmap that is available at the OpenVMS
  website.  (As of this writing, various of the OpenVMS Engineering
  CETS2001 presentations are also available at the OpenVMS website,
  and will also be of interest to you.)
  Please further review the available platform/version support information
  (the URL is referenced the OpenVMS FAQ section VMS13) for details on the
  OpenVMS version requirements for various platforms and for various Alpha
  microprocessors.  The OpenVMS FAQ further contains a "rule-of-thumb" for
  Alpha microprocessor support.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-NOV-2001 )

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