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SMTP mail via telnet?

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The Question is:

Using a command line utility I want to send a mail to my MS exchange server ID,
 for this when I use the telnet command I get %SYSTEM-W-NODEVAVL, no device
%SMG-F-INVPAS_ID, invalid pasteboard-id, error How can I write a COM file to
 send SMTP messages to my exchange server. If I type this on the comand prompt
 there seems to be no problem.

The Answer is :

  If you want to send SMTP MAIL, please use the MAIL utility and not
  telnet.  If the target environment for your mail does not have SMTP
  or other non-proprietary mail transport gateway installed, please
  consider that.
  MAIL can easily be used from within a DCL command procedure, either
  directly from the command line or by constructing and invoking an
  "indirect" command procedure.
  SET HOST is intended to be used as an interactive operation, and (for
  reasons of security) is not expected nor intended to be used from within
  a DCL command procedure (such as a batch job).

answer written or last revised on ( 10-DEC-2001 )

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