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Kernel-Mode Changes? (PSB)

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The Question is:

Has there been any change in the handling of the process "account string" under
 OpenVMS Alpha 7.2?
Previously, privileged-mode software which set the process account string had
 that string propagated to batch and print jobs submitted from that process. We
 have software that uses this capability for job tracking, and it has always
 worked fine, at least
up to 7.1.
Under Alpha 7.2-2, this appears to be behaving differently in that batch and
 print jobs are always getting the SYSUAF account string for the user, and
 there doesn't seem to be any reason.
Thanks for your help.
Steve Duff
Ergodic Systems, Inc.

The Answer is :

  There were changes to specific kernel-mode data structures in V7.2 and
  later, and specifically changes around the implementation of the
  per-thread security support.  Effectively, information once stored
  within the PCB is now replicated for each thread as a (new) structure
  known as the PSB.  (There are details in the V7.2 documentation.)
  Code using undocumented interfaces -- whether user- or kernel-mode --
  has an unfortunate and occasional potential for occasional breakage.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-DEC-2001 )

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