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PGFLOCBAD pagefault bad location field bugcheck?

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The Question is:

We experienced a crash, a analyse /crash gave me this answer.
Is there a problem with the memory?

The Answer is :

  Please apply the available ECO kits for OpenVMS Alpha V7.2-1 and for
  any installed layered products, then (if the problem persists) please
  escalate.  Expect to be asked for the CLUE CRASH output (a command
  that is available within ANALYZE/CRASH) for the particular contents
  of the SYSDUMP.DMP crashdump for this crash.  Please also expect to
  be asked to upgrade to OpenVMS V7.2-2 or to V7.3 or later (with the
  current ECO kits installed).
  This crash could also potentially indicate the existence of a problem
  with the system hardware.

answer written or last revised on ( 4-JAN-2002 )

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