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TCP/IP Services V5.0A ECO 3 is V5.0-113?

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The Question is:

I had to remove the IP stack Multinet and install UCX/TCPIP. After the install,
 I rebooted all nodes in the cluster and then installed the TCPIP patch -
DEC AXPVMS TCPIP_ECO V5.0-113       Patch       Install     23-DEC-2001 08:51:45
When I do a SHOW VERSION - it still show version
Version V5.0A - ECO 3.
Why doesn't it show V5.0-113 ?

The Answer is :

  TCP/IP Services V5.0A ECO 3 is also known as V5.0-113.
  This can obviously be somewhat confusing, of course.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-JAN-2002 )

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