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DECwindows, Terminals, and Keyboards?

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The Question is:

What terminal settings are required in OpenVMS Alpha 7.2 for proper operation
 of the EVE and EDT editors when using a PC Style Keyboard plugged into the
 PS/2 style keyboard pin on the back of an AlphaStation 200?
Also how are the VTxxx terminals configured by VMS and how are they
 distinguisable from a normal VGA or SVGA monitor and keyboard combo?
Were the AlphaStations designed for a specific keyboard or can a custom
 termtable entry be made for the keyboard and if so where could i obtain
 information on what mappings to use for a standard 101 key PC style keyboard?
I did find information on creating a termtable entry in the OpenVMS RTL Screen
 Management (SMG$) Manual ie : 5.3 Creating an OpenVMS Terminal Capabilities
 File, however the values for the entries don't seem to be specified (as in
 what bits VMS is expectin
g to see, it does amply say what string entry to use for the right arrow key,
 just no value for the string)
and this seems like work that may have already been done. For that matter why
 would'nt setting terminal /devicetype=VT100 allow the editing keys to function
 on the numeric keypad?
Many thanks for your time in answering these questions.

The Answer is :

  You have not specified the particular keyboard involved, beyond
  indicating the number of keys included.   This would imply that the
  keyboard is not a supported keyboard, and the number of keys involved
  further implies that this is an old PC keyboard.
  Please ensure that the particular keyboard involved here supports the
  necessary keyboard scanset 3 mode.  If you don't know what scanset 3
  is, get a supported keyboard.  Use of an LK411, LK461, or LK46W series
  keyboard is STRONGLY recommended.  The LK450 series keyboard provides
  both a PC-compatible mode and a traditional OpenVMS keyboard mode, if
  you require a PC-style layout.  (Most OpenVMS utilities and most
  applications do not generally expect a PC-style keyboard layout.)
  The specification of the combination of the keyboard, no terminal (and
  no terminal emulator) information, the keyboard port on the back of
  the system, and the reference to OPA0: further implies that you might
  be operating directly on the workstation display -- with no DECwindows
  windowing software active.  Please start DECwindows -- if you do not
  have DECwindows operating, then there is precious limited support for
  the usual terminal positioning sequences and related terminal control
  Please read the OpenVMS FAQ for an introduction to keyboard compatibility,
  and an introduction to video compatibility.  Also please see the FAQ and
  see the OpenVMS documentation for configuring and starting DECwindows,
  and for troubleshooting any problems that might arise when starting up

answer written or last revised on ( 2-JAN-2002 )

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