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Seeking OpenVMS Printer Drivers?

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The Question is:

Question: Are there Open VMS print drivers for the HP 2200 type printer
Peripheral Device: HP 2200 dtn Laser Jet printer using Jet Direct Printer
 server card.
Platform: Alpha ES40 Cluster.
Issue: IP printing over a WAN.

The Answer is :

  OpenVMS does not particularly have printer drivers akin to what is
  found on certain other platforms, prefering to use a set of generic
  device drivers and generic printer interfaces.
  The TCP/IP Services package will be of interest, as will the DCPS
  (DECprint Services) package.  The former permits access to most
  IP-capable printers, while the latter permits access to most
  Postscript printers (both over IP and over other connections).
  For an introduction to the DCPS mechanism used for communicating with
  unsupported or unrecognized (Postscript) printers, please see topic
  (5104), and please see the DCPS documentation.
  For the available Software Product Descriptions (SPDs) for Compaq
  OpenVMS products, please visit http://www.compaq.com/info/spd/.
  The DCPS SPD is 44.15.xx.
  For introductory information on TCP/IP Services, please review the
  available TCP/IP product documentation and please also review topic
  (1020) and other topics referenced there.
  The TCP/IP Services product SPD is 46.46.xx.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-JAN-2002 )

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