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I/O Redirection, Record Format?

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The Question is:

How can I set change the UCXTMP.TXT file's "Record Format" from "Carriage
 return carriage control" to be "Print file carriage control"?
Can this change be made within the COM file as when the file is first create it
 has the Record Format of "Carriage return carriage control"?

The Answer is :

  The following approach would seem somewhat easier and simpler:
    $ pipe tcpip show device/port=4020 > tcpip.tmp
  The OpenVMS Wizard would encourage an upgrade to TCP/IP Services
  V5.1 with ECO (or later), and to OpenVMS Alpha V7.1-2 with ECOs
  (or later).

answer written or last revised on ( 8-JAN-2002 )

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