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The Question is:

I do work as a contractor at a site that do have a servicecontract but here at
 my office I don't have the contract number so therefore I try this way.
They have a CI-cluster, one Vax 8720 and two Alpha 4100. The Alphas is running
 Pathworks and now I want to start Pathworks even in the Vax, but I can't get
 it working. One second after I start PWRK the Vax crash. I send you the
 logfile from the installati
on and the start of Pathworks.
Hopefully you can tell me what I missed.
Best wishes
Christer J
---   logfile will follow ---
0$ di dsa10:<kits>
Directory DSA10:<KITS>
DCPS17.DIR;1               1/18       26-NOV-2001 10:14:13.33
                           1/18       19-NOV-2001 09:22:01.88
KIT.DIR;1                  1/18       19-NOV-2001 09:22:02.02
PWRKV50F1050.A;1         936/936      19-NOV-2001 09:22:10.21
PWRKV50F1050.B;1       16002/16002    19-NOV-2001 09:22:11.40
PWRKV50F1050.C;1       24768/24768    19-NOV-2001 09:22:25.25
PWRKV50F1050.D;1       25470/25470    19-NOV-2001 09:22:46.51
PWRKV50F1050.E;1       32238/32238    19-NOV-2001 09:23:08.24
PWRKV50F1050.F;1        3834/3834     19-NOV-2001 09:23:35.62
PWRKV50F1050.G;1        5580/5580     19-NOV-2001 09:23:39.21
PWRKV50F1050.H;1       35154/35154    19-NOV-2001 09:23:44.31
                           9/18       19-NOV-2001 09:22:02.39
                        2641/2646     19-NOV-2001 09:22:02.85
                        1073/1080     19-NOV-2001 09:22:05.42
                         698/702      19-NOV-2001 09:22:06.75
                          79/90       19-NOV-2001 09:22:07.89
                         602/612      19-NOV-2001 09:22:08.48
                         168/180      19-NOV-2001 09:22:09.48
                          90/90       19-NOV-2001 09:24:14.08
                         198/198      19-NOV-2001 09:24:14.58
                         216/216      19-NOV-2001 09:24:15.22
Total of 21 files, 149759/149868 blocks.
0$ @sys$update:vmsinstal
        OpenVMS VAX Software Product Installation Procedure V6.2
It is 7-JAN-2002 at 20:47.
Enter a question mark (?) at any time for help.
%VMSINSTAL-W-NOTSYSTEM, You are not logged in to the SYSTEM account.
%VMSINSTAL-W-ACTIVE, The following processes are still active:
* Do you want to continue anyway [NO]? yes
* Are you satisfied with the backup of your system disk [YES]?
* Where will the distribution volumes be mounted: dsa10:<kits>
Enter the products to be processed from the first distribution volume set.
* Products: PWRKV50F1050
* Enter installation options you wish to use (none):
The following products will be processed:
  PWRKV50F1 V5.0
        Beginning installation of PWRKV50F1 V5.0 at 20:47
%VMSINSTAL-I-RESTORE, Restoring product save set A ...
%VMSINSTAL-I-RELMOVED, Product's release notes have been moved to SYS$HELP.
        PATHWORKS for OpenVMS Installation
    Please select which components to install:
        PATHWORKS V5.0F for OpenVMS (LAN Manager)
        PATHWORKS V1.0F for OpenVMS (NetWare)
* Do you want to install the LAN Manager server [NO]? yes
* Do you want to install the NetWare server [NO]?
-PWRKV50F1-I-OLDVERPCSA, was previously installed
The following components will be installed:
        PATHWORKS V5.0F for OpenVMS (LAN Manager)
If the selection is correct, the installation will continue.
If the selection is not correct, you can change your selection.
Press CTRL/Y if you want to terminate the installation.
* Is the selection correct [YES]?
%PWRKV50F1-I-VERSION, Checking for OpenVMS version 5.5-2 or later...
* Do you want to run the IVP after the installation is finished [YES]?
* Do you want to purge files replaced by this installation [YES]? no
%PWRKV50F1-W-DELETE, If you continue with the installation, the following
-PWRKV50F1-W-DELETE, files in system-specific directories will be deleted:
* Do you want to continue with the installation [YES]?
%PWRKV50F1-I-FREEBLKS, Checking for 46000 free blocks
H0::ADBCJ 20:48:17   (DCL)   CPU=00:00:05.92 PF=5767 IO=3409 MEM=646
              User Accounts and User Identification Codes (UICs)
    PATHWORKS for OpenVMS creates two OpenVMS accounts: a default account,
    PWRK$DEFAULT, and  a guest account, PWRK$GUEST.  The default UIC group
    number for both these new accounts depends on the following:
    o If you are installing the server for the first time, the default is
      the first unused UIC group number, starting with 360.
    o If there is an existing account PCFS$ACCOUNT, the default is the UIC
      group number associated with PCFS$ACCOUNT.
    o If there is an existing account PWRK$DEFAULT or PWRK$GUEST, the default
      is the UIC group number associated with PWRK$DEFAULT or PWRK$GUEST, in
      preference to PCFS$ACCOUNT.  However, the default UIC group number will
      not be used to change the UIC of any existing accounts.
    For more information about UIC group numbers, see the OpenVMS System
    Manager's Manual.
* Enter default UIC group number for PWRK$DEFAULT and PWRK$GUEST [370]:
               Optional DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) Available
    The PATHWORKS for OpenVMS distribution media includes two kits for
    the DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) for OpenVMS: VAX and Alpha. DCPS is a
    family of layered products that runs on OpenVMS VAX and Alpha to provide
    access through the OpenVMS queuing system to selected PostScript
    printers. To use DCPS, you must install the kit for either VAX or Alpha
    accordingly. You do not need a separate license to use DCPS with LAN
    Manager clients.
* Press RETURN to continue:
    All questions have been answered.  The installation of
    PATHWORKS for OpenVMS will continue.
%PWRKV50F1-I-ACCOUNTS, Creating OpenVMS accounts for PWRK$DEFAULT and PWRK$GUEST
%PWRKV50F1-I-DEFAULTEXISTS, PWRK$DEFAULT account already exists
%VMSINSTAL-I-RESTORE, Restoring product save set B ...
H0::ADBCJ 20:48:52 BACKUP    CPU=00:00:08.94 PF=6474 IO=6303 MEM=1215
 Restoring file: DSA10:[SYS0.SYSUPD.PWRKV50F1050]PWVN$NPSD.EXE;1
 Saveset volume:1, saveset block:870 (9216 byte blocks)
%PWRKV50F1-I-SKIPSET, Skipping product save set C (AXP Common only) ...
%VMSINSTAL-I-RESTORE, Restoring product save set D ...
%PWRKV50F1-I-SKIPSET, Skipping product save set E (AXP LAN Manager only) ...
%PWRKV50F1-I-SKIPSET, Skipping product save set F (VAX NetWare only) ...
%PWRKV50F1-I-SKIPSET, Skipping product save set G (AXP NetWare only) ...
%PWRKV50F1-I-SKIPSET, Skipping product save set H (NetWare SYS Volume) ...
%PWRKV50F1-I-DEFOBJS, Defining DECnet objects PCX$SERVER and PCSA$MAIL
%PWRKV50F1-I-DEFOBJ2, Defining DECnet object PCSA$RMI
%PWRKV50F1-I-DCLCMDS, Installing PATHWORKS DCL commands
%PWRKV50F1-I-SPECIFY, Specifying target directories for the provided files
%PWRKV50F1-I-OBSOLETE, Deleting obsolete files
                                  Next Steps
    To continue the installation procedure, enter the following command to
    execute the server configuration command procedure:
    For information about the configuration command procedure, see the Server
    Installation and Upgrade Guide.
%VMSINSTAL-I-MOVEFILES, Files will now be moved to their target directories...
        Starting Installation Verification Procedure
        for PATHWORKS V5.0F for OpenVMS (LAN Manager)
%PWRK-I-NORMAL, IVP completed successfully
        Installation of PWRKV50F1 V5.0 completed at 20:50
Enter the products to be processed from the next distribution volume set.
* Products:
        VMSINSTAL procedure done at 20:50
PATHWORKS V5.0F for OpenVMS (LAN Manager) Configuration Procedure
    PATHWORKS stores and accesses the following types of data files:
    o Configuration parameter files
    o License server data files
    o Log files
    o Printer spool files
    o Virtual memory section files
    You can specify any existing OpenVMS disk device that has at least
    12000 free blocks of disk space to store these data files.
    Note: the server frequently accesses the data files stored on the
    disk.  If these files are stored on the system disk, it can degrade
    the performance of both the OpenVMS system and the server.  Therefore,
    Digital recommends that you specify a disk other than the system disk.
Press RETURN to continue:
    If this VMScluster has multiple system disks, make sure that all
    nodes on which you plan to run PATHWORKS:
    o Use the same disk device to store and access PATHWORKS data files.
    o Share the same SYSUAF.DAT file. In each system disk's startup file,
      define a system logical name that points all nodes to the shared
      SYSUAF.DAT file. For example:
      $ define/system/exec sysuaf pencil$dka300:[sys0.sysexe]sysuaf.dat
      The startup file is called SYS$MANAGER:SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM (or for
      OpenVMS VAX V5.5-2, it is called SYS$MANAGER:SYSTARTUP_V5.COM).
    The PATHWORKS directory tree already exists on DB_PW5:.
    If you specify a different disk device, the PATHWORKS directory
    tree will be moved to the new device.
Enter disk device name where PATHWORKS data files will be stored
Creating PATHWORKS directory tree on DB_PW5:...
PWRK$LICENSE_SERVER_STATE.DAT already exists; not superseded.
%CREATE-I-EXISTS, PWRK$COMMONROOT:[000000] already exists
Network accounts file already exists.
Do you want to enter a new ADMIN account password [no]:
Creating LAN Manager directory tree...
LANMAN.INI already exists; not superseded.
Copying client files to LAN Manager directory tree...
Copying remote boot files to LAN Manager directory tree...
RPL.MAP already exists; not superseded.
RPLMGR.INI already exists; not superseded.
Reading current configuration parameters...
  PATHWORKS V5.0F for OpenVMS is presently configured to run as follows:
   1.  Run the license server:     NO
   2.  PATHWORKS V4 compatibility: YES
   3.  Enable Remote Boot service: NO
   4.  Enable Timesource service:  NO
   5.  Enable Alerter service:     NO
   6.  LAN Manager computer name:  H0
   7.  LAN Manager domain name:    HASSLE-CL1
   8.  Other LAN Manager domains:
   9.  LAN Manager security mode:  USER
   10. Server announce comment:    PATHWORKS V5.0F-ECO1 OpenVMS (LAN Manager)
   11. PATHWORKS VMScluster alias: SE-HSL-CL1
Enter item number, or RETURN to use these values [done]:
Checking SYSGEN parameters...
The current system configuration for H0 will support 1700 PC clients.
PATHWORKS is configured to use TCP/IP.
    Note: if you want this server to be the primary domain controller,
    you should configure it to use all the transports used by any
    of the member servers in the domain.
    You can change the system configuration now or at a later time
    by executing @SYS$UPDATE:PWRK$CONFIG.
Do you want to change the system configuration now [no]:
    You can upgrade PATHWORKS V4.x databases to V5 databases now or at
    a later time by executing @SYS$UPDATE:PWRK$UPGRADE.  Upgrading to V5
    does not modify the original PATHWORKS V4.x databases.
Do you want to upgrade PATHWORKS V4.x databases to V5 now [no]:
    To automatically start PATHWORKS V5.0F for OpenVMS at system startup, you
    should add the following line to the SYS$MANAGER:SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM file
    (SYS$MANAGER:SYSTARTUP_V5.COM for OpenVMS VAX systems prior to V6.0):
    Note: Add this line below the lines that start all network transports
    (such as DECnet).
    You should also remove the line from SYS$MANAGER:SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM
    that starts the PATHWORKS V4.x server:
    Before starting PATHWORKS V5.0F for OpenVMS on this system, be sure to
    execute @SYS$UPDATE:PWRK$CONFIG on each node that will run PATHWORKS.
Do you want to start PATHWORKS V5.0F for OpenVMS on node H0 now [yes]:
PATHWORKS file server will use TCP/IP.
PATHWORKS mail notification will use DECnet.
Process NETBIOS created with identification 2300746B
Process PWRK$KNBDAEMON created with identification 2300746E
Process PWRK$LICENSE_R created with identification 23007471
The PATHWORKS V5.0F server is configured to support 1700 PC clients.
Process PWRK$MASTER created with identification 23006876
The master process will now start all other PATHWORKS processes.
**** Fatal BUG CHECK, version = V6.2     INVEXCEPTN, Exception while above AST
     Crash CPU: 00        Primary CPU: 00
     Active/available CPU masks: 00000003/00000003
     Current process = PWRK$MONITOR
     Register dump
        R0 = 00000008
        R1 = 04080000
        R2 = B87277D8
        R3 = 00000000
        R4 = C02B7800
        R5 = C0797D00

The Answer is :

  Please see topic (7370).
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for assistance with
  this, and please seriously consider an upgrade to a slightly less ancient
  PATHWORKS release.  (This particular configuration is not supported.)

answer written or last revised on ( 8-JAN-2002 )

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