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Telnetsym IP print symbiont timeout error?

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The Question is:

Can you explain the error and how to correct the problem?

The Answer is :

  The printer is not responding to the request, which will typically
  result from printer activity (eg: some printers can require a delay
  before a subsequent printer connection is established), from IP host
  configuration problems, from queue configuration problems, or from
  IP networking problems.  There could be other potential sources for
  the problem of course, these are simply among the most common.
  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume you have verified the printer address,
  the printer port, the IP routing, connectivity using ping, and the
  queue configuration.  The OpenVMS Wizard will further assume that you
  have installed the current ECO kit for TCP/IP Services V4.2.
  Please see topics (1020) and (4302) for information related to IP
  printing, and time-outs reaching the printer.  Please see topic (3960)
  for information on common IP printer ports, and please review your
  printer documentation for information specific to your printer.
  You will need to contact the Compaq Customer Support Center, and you
  will beed to particularly identify the printer(s) involved -- details
  of the printer and the network configuration and the printer queue
  configuration will be required.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-JAN-2002 )

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