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MicroVAX console DEVINACT Q-bus error?

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The Question is:

I have tried to boot my MicroVAX II from tape but every time I try the system
 prompts me those error codes. What`s the problem?

The Answer is :

  Your Q-bus bus hardware is incorrectly configured, or has failed.
  The Q-bus console DEVINACT (DEVINACTIVE) error is usually triggered
  by the failure of a Q-bus controller to respond or to interrupt the
  Q-bus processor.  This often points to a Q-bus problem, and regularly
  to a Q-bus bus grant configuration problem.
  Configuring Q-bus hardware is non-trivial and requires access to an
  assortment of documentation on the Q-bus and on the specific Q-bus
  controllers installed in the system, and accordingly the OpenVMS
  Wizard strongly recommends using slightly less ancient hardware.
  And an additional difficultly with these Q-bus systems: access to
  SCSI storage is difficult at best -- please see the existing
  discussions of the KFQSA and HSD series, the KZQSA (specific CD-ROM
  and tapes only!), and third-party SCSI bus controller options.
  Since it is unlikely you will be assuaged from your quest to use
  this particular hardware, you will need to learn about the Q-bus
  and about configuring Q-bus hardware.  Accordingly, please review
  the existing Q-bus topics here in Ask The Wizard (see below), and
  please review the VAX hardware information referenced in the FAQ.
  Some of the related topics include (407), (1149), (1866), and (3232).

answer written or last revised on ( 14-JAN-2002 )

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