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RZ26 jumpers?

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The Question is:

I am trying to install a RZ26 Hard drive on
the above mentioned system (Vax 4000/90).
I need to know the jumper settings to
configure this from a DKA100 to a DKA300. I
would also like to know if this system has
the capability to format this drive via
command codes. If so, what are they?
Best Regards,
Bob Champagne

The Answer is :

  Please review the available hard disk information URLs referenced in
  the OpenVMS FAQ -- also please note that a number of variations of the
  RZ26 disk model exist, each with specific requirements and settings.
  (eg: RZ26, RZ26B, RZ26E, RZ26L.)
  With the RZ26 electronics module on the bottom of the drive facing you
  and with the jumpers oriented toward the top, the RZ26 jumper pins are
  labeled as follows:
        19 17 15 13 11  9  7  5  3  1
        20 18 16 14 12 10  8  6  4  2
  And the rightmost three jumpers select the drive SCSI ID (in binary),
  with the jumper installed between 1-2 causing the least significant
  bit of the binary SCSI address value to be set to a one.  Other members
  of the RZ26 series may (will?) have different jumper configurations.
  For assistance with hardware configuration issues and troubleshooting,
  please contact your hardware service organization or Compaq Services.
  That said, an RZ26 is old and slow and (at slightly more than 1 GB)
  quite incapacious.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-JAN-2002 )

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