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Help Configuring Windows NT?

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The Question is:

I'm trying to copy files from VMS to Microsoft NT4 Server, connecting as
 administrator. PUT or APPEND command always fails with "Access denied". DIR
 command "Opening ASCII data mode connection for /bin/ls". Seems like FTP
 considers the remote machine as a
 UNIX machine. What's wrong?

The Answer is :

  You are trying to connect from the OpenVMS FTP client to an FTP
  Server running on Microsoft Windows NT -- to push the file --
  and you report receiving UNIX-format directory information from
  the Windows NT box.
  The reported "Access denied" error would imply a remote system
  configuration or security setting on the FTP Server and/or on
  the target directory is preventing the FTP transfer.
  Please ask a Windows Wizard for assistance in configuring and
  operating the particular FTP server that might be included in
  your target platform -- you have reached the OpenVMS Wizard, and
  the OpenVMS Wizard is not familiar with the configuration nor
  operation of am FTP Server on the Windows NT platform, nor with
  configuring security on Windows NT.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-FEB-2002 )

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