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Batch and Print Queue Job Entry Numbers?

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The Question is:

How is the upper limit for the queue entry numbers set?  Is there a default top
 number and can it be modified?
Thanks, Chuck

The Answer is :

  Topics (584), (1905), and (2685) will be of interest.
  The queue entry number is an opaque longword value, and must always
  be treated as an opaque longword value.
  The details of the algorithm used to determine the entry number and the
  range of entries in use are not documented and are subject to change.
  In practice, the range of queue entry numbers depends on the peak number
  of jobs that are queued or that are retained on queues controlled by a
  particular queue manager. In effect, the queue manager will expand the
  range to accomodate as many entries as required.  Other queue-related
  attributes can expand the range of numbers used, as well.
  There is no manual mechanism for the control of the range used, though
  you can certainly rebuild the queue database should the entry number
  encounter a transient "spike" due to an unusually large number of jobs.
  Applications should consider the entry number to be an opaque longword
  (32-bit insigned integer) and should not make any assumptions about its
  value, sequence, or range.
  The only supported means for resetting the queue manager's "memory" of
  the peak number of entries is to reinitialise the queue manager
  Note that there is a finite limit to the maximum number of entries
  that a queue manager can handle.  To the knowledge of the OpenVMS
  Wizard, this value has never been reached by any site through normal
  means -- beyond degenerate application cases that are intended to
  fill up the database, that is.
  Again, the queue entry number is an opaque longword value.
  Related topics include (584), (1905), and (2685).

answer written or last revised on ( 11-FEB-2002 )

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