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Meaning of RWCAP Process State?

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The Question is:

what happen whith this state

The Answer is :

  The RWCAP state is used when a process has requested a CPU with a specific
  set of capabilities, and a matching CPU is not availabile (see HELP SET
  PROCESS/CAPABILITY and HELP SET CPU/CAPABILITY). The process will continue
  when a CPU becomes available, or if the capability requirement is cancelled.
  The state may also be used when a cluster has lost quorum. Note however,
  that under these circumstances, you won't "see" the process state as all
  processes from which the state might be observed will also be in a wait
  state. However, you may see processes in RWCAP when examining a CLUEXIT
  bugcheck system dump - this is not indicative of any error condition.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-FEB-2002 )

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