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Configuring NTP Time?

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The Question is:

I have both Advanced Server, and tcpip running on this alpha.  timesource
 service on AS is running, and so is NTP.  I read that timesource cannot set
 the system time, so ntp should be doing that by getting the time from my
 firewall which is also running n
tp.  For information, there is an NT server in the domain with AS.  The problem
 is my time is always slowing down on this server.  I have another node in the
 cluster (not running AS), and it is staying in sync with the firewall.  In 24
 hours, the time wil
l be out at least 2 minutes, and if I leave it, eventually too far out of sync
 for NTP to be happy.  I've read a bit about how the clock ticks on VMS, and
 I'm wondering if Advanced Server is causing the problem (being resource
 intensive).  How can I rule
out a hardware problem?  Is there a way to configure NTP so that it stays
 closer in sync with the time server?  (Can you up the drift?)

The Answer is :

  Please move to TCP/IP Services V5.1 with ECO, and please check the
  TCP/IP Services NTP logfile(s).
  If your system time is slowing, then NTP is not running, NTP is running
  but is not synchronizing with the time server, NTP is running but is
  defering the system clock to another timekeeping mechanism (DECnet-Plus
  DECdtss, for example), or the NTP time server is itself slowing.
  On OpenVMS with TCP/IP Services, the NTP log usually has the details.
  As for how to configure OpenVMS as a time provider, please see the
  TCP/IP Services documentation and please see the OpenVMS FAQ.
  As for how a Microsoft Windows NT system might or might not synchronize
  its time, please contact a Windows NT Wizard.  (Various Windows NT
  releases do have NTP clients, but the OpenVMS Wizard does not have
  particular details.)

answer written or last revised on ( 18-FEB-2002 )

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