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DCL-W-CONFLICT, illegal combination?

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The Question is:

The command works fine without the /RETAIN= parameter. But when used with any
 of the  four values ie. ALWAYS,ERROR,DEFAULT and UNTIL give the above error.
 Can you help?

The Answer is :

  /REMOTE has numerous documented restrictions, and various areas of
  DCL can see improvements in error detection and reporting.  As the
  message indicates, please "check documentation".  In this case, see
  the (attached) HELP SUBMIT/REMOTE information.
  Examples of DCL task-to-task communications are available elsewhere
  in Ask The Wizard, and these can be used to perform rather more
  advanced and more complex client-server operations from within DCL
  command procedures.  In this case, the DQS product might be of specific
  interest.  Also, the SUBMIT/REMOTE command is (obviously) not typically
  necessary within OpenVMS Cluster configurations, providing you with
  another potential option.
         Queues the job to SYS$BATCH on the remote node specified. When
         you use the /REMOTE qualifier, you must include the node name in
         the file specification.
         Note that, unlike submitting a job on a local node, multiple
         command procedures queued by a single SUBMIT/REMOTE command are
         considered separate jobs.
         You can specify only the following qualifiers with the /REMOTE
         /BACKUP     /BEFORE      /BY_OWNER   /CONFIRM
    To submit a more complex job on a remote system, SUBMIT/REMOTE a
    command procedure that contains the SUBMIT command to be executed
    on the remote system.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-FEB-2002 )

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