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Acquiring NTPDATE on Older TCP/IP?

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The Question is:

Is there the capability to set the date and time from an NTP system while using
 DIGITAL TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha Version V4.2. This functionality is
 avalable using the NTPDATE utility while using DIGITAL TCP/IP Services for
 OpenVMS Alpha Version

The Answer is :

  Regarding NTPDATE:
    "The NTPDATE program sets the local date and time by polling a
    specified server or servers to determine the correct time. A
    number of samples are obtained from each of the servers specified,
    and a subset of the NTP clock filter and selection algorithms are
    applied to select the best samples.  The accuracy and reliability
    of NTPDATE depends on the number of servers it polls, the number
    of polls it makes each time it runs, and the interval length
    between runs.
    Run NTPDATE manually to set the host clock or from the host startup
    file to set the clock at boot time. It is useful in some cases to set
    the clock manually before you start NTP. NTPDATE makes time adjustments
    (called "stepping the time") by calling the OpenVMS routine SYS$SETIME."
  Please see the OpenVMS FAQ for details on configuring and using NTP
  on OpenVMS, and please move to a more current version of TCP/IP Services
  on your OpenVMS V7.* host (V4.2 is not supported on V7.* releases).
  If you can't load and run a more recent version and if you cannot
  directly run NTP on your OpenVMS system, then you can likely acquire
  a freeware NTPDATE tool -- the OpenVMS Wizard hesitates to suggest
  attempting to use the (newer) NTPDATE tool on the older release of
  TCP/IP Services, though that too *might* also work.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-FEB-2002 )

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