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Telnet printing and HP Printer?

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The Question is:

I've connected a HP laserprinter using UCX (UCX$TELNETSYM). When I give a print
 command, I standard get duplicate pages on the same printer. How can I fix this?
Erwin Louwerse
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young ISM BV.

The Answer is :

  IP port 9100 is used for the LPD server within various HP printers,
  while the telnet port is more commonly port 23.  The OpenVMS Wizard
  is not sufficiently familiar with HP printers to know whether or
  not the printer will automatically recognize the incoming protocol
  regardless of the port, or if the protocol is assumed based on the
  IP port.  Please contact HP for details on the implementation of
  this particular HP printer.
  TCP/IP Services Versions prior to V5.0 are inappropriate on this
  OpenVMS Alpha release, and use of V5.1 (or later, as available)
  with ECO (as available) is recommended.  Use of TCP/IP Services
  versions prior to V5.0A (with ECO) is discouraged.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is unfamiliar with any previous reports of
  doubled print jobs, and would assume that the queue is somehow
  configured to resubmit the job, or that the printer is somehow
  providing a duplicate.  Check for DCL symbols that match PRINT,
  check the printcap file for the printer, and check the print
  queue definition.  Also determine if the job is somehow being
  requeued to the printer (possibly due to a communucations error?).
  And, of course, check the telnet print symbiont log file.  And
  check the IP port.
  Please also ensure that this particular (unspecified) HP printer
  has the correct firmware revision.  Some HP printers are known
  to have available and/or known to require firmware upgrades.
  For general information on IP printing, please see topic (1020)
  and other topics referenced there.  Topic (1020) also has
  pointers to topics containing common IP port assignments for
  various IP printers.  For information on HP printers, please
  contact HP.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-FEB-2002 )

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