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Port OpenVMS to Other Platforms?

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The Question is:

Compaq has announced that OpenVMS is being ported to Intel's Itanium. A search
 for "AMD" using the "Search OpenVMS" turned up no results. Does that mean that
  OpenVMS will not be able to run on AMD (Hammer or Sledgehammer which also are
 64 bit archs)?

The Answer is :

      At present, there are two platform architectures with OpenVMS support,
      and exactly one port of OpenVMS announced: VAX and Alpha have support,
      and a port of OpenVMS to the Intel Itanium Processor Family Architecture
      is presently underway.
      Compaq has not announced any plans to port OpenVMS to any other platform
      The bit-width of the addressing of a particular platform architecture
      is only one of many aspect and many considerations of a platform port
      of an operating system.  Details of the page tables, page protections,
      memory virtualization capabilities, instruction set, and a host of other
      details are all considerations.
      For details of the Intel Itanium and the AMD processor architectures,
      please visit the website(s) of the microprocessor vendors.
      See the "Compaq & Intel" enterprise initiative link at the OpenVMS website, as well.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-MAY-2003 )

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