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TCP/IP Services License PAK?

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The Question is:

What kind of License (PAK) is necessary to use
TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS on an AlphaSever 2100 4/275
runnung under OpenVMS 7.2-1?

The Answer is :

     A UCX or NAS (NET-APP-SUP) license PAK, most commonly.
      Software licencing information is available at:
      Specific details of licensing for TCP/IP Services are in
      the Software Product Description (SPD) for the product
      and for the various NAS packages.  SPDs are available at:
      Related topics include:
        (1559), (2414), (3522), (3950) (5571), (5980), (6615), (7520),
        and (8041).  The FAQ and topic (8041) are particularly useful.

answer written or last revised on ( 1-APR-2003 )

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