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Reporting OpenVMS FAQ problems, suggestions?

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The Question is:

I wanted to give Python on OpenVMS a try. But it appears that the port from
 http://decus.decus.de/~zessin/python/ as referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ has
 been discontinued. Any hint on where I can find it?

The Answer is :

  The Wizard will ask that the URL be removed from the next edition
  of the FAQ.
  Please consider use of the other URLs listed in the FAQ and please
  also consider www.google.com, and specifically please consider the
  use of the web search engine and the newsgroup search engine that
  are available at that website.  Please also consider use of other
  tools, such as the web archive at www.archive.org.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-MAR-2002 )

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