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Problem Printing Postscript to HP 4000N?

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The Question is:

How can I check to see if DCPS is installed on
my ES-40?  if not already installed, where/how can I get this DCPS software?

The Answer is :

  Though unlikely, please note that "I can't seem to print a postscript
  file to my printer." and "just a normal print command." could indicate
  that the printer is simply not plugged in and not powered up.
  Specific commands and specific error messages and specific error
  behaviour descriptions are normally central to the ability of the
  OpenVMS Wizard to answer a question -- to the ability of the Wizard
  to answer the question you intended to ask.  When posting questions,
  please remember to include this detail.  Thank you.
  To determine if a particular product is installed on OpenVMS Alpha,
  please use the PRODUCT SHOW HISTORY command, and please also look in
  SYS$UPDATE:VMSINSTAL.HISTORY.  The former is used by kits that install
  with PCSI, and the latter is used by kits that install with VMSINSTAL.
  Details and suggestions for determining installed product versions are
  present in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  In the specific case of DCPS, you can use the following to determine
  if the package is installed (and the version):
  To see if DCPS has been started on a particular system, please use:
  There should be at least one logical name, DCPS_LIB, defined.
  You can invoke SYS$STARTUP:DCPS$STARTUP manually, if DCPS is installed
  and has not been started.  (You will want to move this command into the
  system site-specific startup SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM, if it is not already
  included in that file.)
  DCPS software is available on the Compaq quarterly Software Products
  Library CD-ROM media.  For part number and ordering information, please
  see the DCPS Software Product Description (SPD) document -- SPDs are
  available for download via a URL pointer included in the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-MAR-2002 )

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