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LAT and IP, Gateway or Tunnel?

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The Question is:

How do we configure decserver ports to send LAT via TCPIP network to a remote
 sight and back to LAT for printing. These printers have to use LAT as the
 application copies to the LTA device port.

The Answer is :

  There is no supported means to tunnel IP over LAT nor LAT over IP,
  and no supported gateway exists to convert LAT to IP nor IP to LAT.
  Please see topics (4811), (7418), (6975), (1227), (7151), as well
  as (546), (2312), (2407), (2631), (2696), (3202), (3280), (5173),
  (5737), (5881), (6271), (6467), and (7143).

answer written or last revised on ( 18-MAR-2002 )

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